Election Officers

poll workers needed

Volunteer Stipend $115 to $200

Apply Online


Election Officers must be at least 18 years old AND:

  • A registered voter (US Citizen)


  • A legal permanent resident of the United States

​Election Officer Training Class

Classes are 3.5 hours long, in person and are limited. We are currently observing COVID safety protocols for all training classes. 

Election Officer Roles

At every Vote Center we will have three distinctive roles. 

Leads will be assigned in teams of two per location. 

Aides will be in quantities of 5-9 at each site. A portion of these Aides will be bilingual to assist bilingual Voters. 

Stipen​d/Volunteers​ will be assigned at each location to assist with line management and sanitation of Vote Center equipment. ​

Pay for Election Officers

Leads and Aides are approved part time employees of Santa Clara County. Any interested applicants can apply for Election Worker I (Lead) or Election Aide (Aide) on the County’s job portal. 

Stipend/Volunteers are paid a set amount per day. Anyone interested can apply online via the Registrar of Voter’s website. You can earn up to $415. 

 Listen to a Radio Ad for Election Officer Recruitment!​

Santa Clara County employee Election Officer Application

This application is for Santa Clara County employees only!

County employee ID number required.

For More Info call:  (408) 299-POLL [7655]


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