Extra Help Vote Center Staff

Most Vote Center Staff will be working multiple days and therefore will need to be hired as Santa Clara County Extra Help employees.  Applicants should be U.S. Citizens and registered voters or Legal Permanent Residents and at least 18 years of age.  All Extra Help Vote Center Staff must successfully complete paid multiday training classes starting in early September. Work dates range from late October to November 4, 2020. Follow the appropriate link below to apply online, once your application is approved and referred to our office, we will contact you to schedule training classes and vote center assignment.

There are two positions available at the Vote Centers:  



Vote C​enter ​Leads​

Work at a Vote Center as a Lead

Begins Summer 2020 and continues through November 2020

Apply for Election Worker I position


Vote Center Election Aide

Perform a variety of Vote Center support duties.​​

Begins Summer 2020 and continues through November 2020

Apply to Work as a Vote Center Election Aide​​​




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