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With so many books to choose from, it would be difficult to list them all or even make any recommendations. Instead, we’ll provide information that can take parents and teachers directly to a list of books they might find valuable to have in their own library. With websites such as, We Are Teachers, Read Brightly, Imagination Soup, and Penguin Teen, we’re certain there is something out there for readers of all ages. 

We Are Teachers is aimed at inspiring educators with curriculum suggestions and free resources. Here they suggest 12 different books and activity ideas about elections and voting for kids of all ages. Their suggestions are nicely broken down by grade level.  

Read Brightly provided parents and educators tips and book recommendations to keep kids connected through every stage of life. Here they suggest books about elections and voting for kids aged pre-K through fifth grade and tweens

Imagination Soup is aimed at providing one sources for sharing books and learning ideas with parents and teachers. Users may search by topic or age group. Imagination Soup shares 16 Books about elections and voting to help you talk to kids about civics.  

Penguin Teen is a division of Penguin Random House whose mission is to foster a passion for reading to communicate ideas that inform, entertain and inspire readers everywhere. Penguin Teen shares their suggestions for six books about elections that belong in the TBR pile. That’s “to be read” for the adults attempting to decipher your teenager’s acronyms.  

If we could make one suggestion it would be to find the, “The Election Activity Book,” by Karen Baicker. In the 2016 edition, the author helps kids understand the elections process with quick, easy and engaging activities that show how we elect our leaders, the rights and responsibilities of voters, and the differences in levels of government. This book is available for purchase online. Keep your eye out for newer editions from the author. 


As another option, here are some fun videos that you can watch together and find out who in your family knows the most about democracy!

Need a Crash Course? CrashCourse’s YouTube channel currently has 50 “Crash Course” videos on Government and Politics. Watch video #36 to understand the Elections Basics or watch #38 to learn how voters decide who the President is.

The Kids Academy YouTube​ channel​ shares animated videos on government, voting and elections. Try searching their videos for “voting,” and learn about the branches of government, the office of President of the United States, and why participation and voting is so important.  

Simply Kinder offers eight different “Teacher Approved” videos about elections, voting, and the office of President of the United States.   

Rock the Vote’s video, “History of Voting,” is meant to engage our youth in a discussion about voting in an effort to inspire participation. 

SchoolHouse Rock videos are fun, animated videos kids (and adults) can sing along to. With the idea that, “…it’s great to learn, because knowledge is power!” they use music and animation to help kids learn about civics and government. While all videos are not easily found in one location, you can search YouTube and find them through ABC Schoolhouse Rock and Disney Educational Productions, among a few. Remember these songs: “I’m Just a Bill,” to help kids learn how a bill becomes a law, “The Preamble,” that explains the principles of our Constitution, “Fireworks,” about the Declaration of Independence, or “Three Ring Government,” helps explain the separation of powers in our government. ​​​

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