Observers at Vote Centers


  1. Sign in at each vote center and be issued a badge, which must remain worn and visible at all times.
  2. Maintain a professional and courteous manner.
  3. Ensure they do not disrupt or interfere with the election process.
  4. Follow the County’s observer guidelines and the instructions of the election officials.


  1. Observe the proceedings at the Vote Centers, including opening and closing procedures.
  2. Read information from the Voter Index.
  3. Ask questions of election officials as long as they do not interfere with the election process.


  1. Disrupt or interfere in any way with the conduct of any election, including interrupting election officials from performing their duties.
  2. Make physical contact with election personnel.
  3. Sit at the official worktables or assist in Vote Center operations.
  4. Physically handle any voting materials or equipment, including pens or markers, ballots, ballot containers, voting machines, or tabulation machines.
  5. Use the telephone, computers, or other Vote Center facilities.
  6. View confidential voter information.
  7. Use electronic devices, including recording videos or photos, in areas where voters’ confidential information or voted ballots are visible or where their use would be disruptive or intimidating to voters, as designated by the election officials.
  8. Enter restricted areas, including areas where voters’ privacy may be compromised or the election process may be disrupted, without the permission of the election official.
  9. Attempt to coerce or intimidate election officials to deviate from election laws and established procedures.
  10. Eat or drink in the Vote Center.
  11. Engage in Electioneering (as defined by California Elections Code 18370) within 100 feet of the entrance of a Vote Center, curbside voting area, or ballot drop-box, including:
  • Ask a person to vote for or against any candidate or ballot measure.
  • Provide materials or audible information for or against any candidate or ballot measure.
  • Distribute, display, or wear any clothing (hats, shirts, signs, buttons, stickers) that include a candidate’s name, image, logo, and/or support or oppose any candidate or ballot measure.
  • Display information or speak to a voter about the voter’s eligibility to vote.

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