Voter Accessibility Resources

The County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters (ROV) is committed to working with voters with disabilities to help them exercise their right to vote and provide voters an unexposed and easy-to-use way to vote.

ROV is pleased to offer the following voting resources for voters with disabilities:

  • ICX Ballot – An accessible ballot marking device equipped with Audio Ballots. The navigation device is equipped with braille and with a sip and puff capability. Devices are available at Vote Centers and the ROV office.
  • Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Ballots and County Voter Information Guides – Mark your ballot using your own compatible technology to vote independently and privately in the comfort of your own home using the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail system. Accessible for visually impaired voters and compatible with screen reading software. To learn more, please visit:
  • Electronic County Voter Information by email – Voters have the option to receive the County Voter Information Guide (CVIG) electronically, instead of the printed book by regular mail. Electronic CVIG’s are 508 compliant. To sign up, please visit: or call (408) 299-VOTE (8683) to request a form.
  • Audio County Voter Information Guide Documents – Recorded Candidate Statements and Measure documents are available on a CD or USB. To request a copy, please call (408) 299-VOTE (8683) starting 29 days before an Election.
  • Curbside Voting – Curbside Voting allows a voter to park as close as possible to the voting area. The voter is to call a designated phone number and a ROV staff member will provide the voter with the voting materials that will be needed to vote at a curb or in a car. Curbside Voting is available at Vote Centers and the ROV office.

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