Established Election Dates


The Registrar of Voters (ROV) will send Reports of Registration based on requests from the Secretary of State (SOS). Typical submittal of reports to the SOS in both odd and even years can range from 154-days and/or 123-days prior to a statewide election, if required by the SOS. In odd years reports are typically only requested in January; however, in the even years reports leading up to a statewide election the SOS will also request a 60-day and a 15-day report.

Below are reports submitted to the Secretary of State for the June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election:

Below are reports submitted to the Secretary of State for the November 8, 2022 General Election:

Below are odd-year reports submitted in 2023 to the Secretary of State:

Reports will be updated on this page as submitted to the SOS for each statewide election.


Be aware that when requesting cost estimates or calling for an election the ROV is not responsible for determining if a jurisdiction can hold an election as we cannot give legal advice; consequently, jurisdictions are encouraged to seek advice through their legal counsel. Please reference Elections Code Sections below related to Mail Ballot Elections.

Holding a stand-alone election is costly for a jurisdiction; Primary and General elections are shared-cost elections thus reducing cost amounts based on number of contests and ballot types. Additionally, when an election is called for a measure at the same time as board member elections, the ROV will charge less for the second issue. 

Please be advised that cost estimates are based on projected registration and available information, and are subject to change upon final billing following an election. The following factors are calculated into estimates:

  • ROV Labor Plus Overhead
  • Vote Center Staffing Plus Overhead
  • Vote Center Location Rental
  • Training Materials
  • One 6-page Measure
  • Postage In/Out
  • CVIG Order
  • Envelopes
  • Ballot Printing
  • Drayage, DRE Setup, etc.

Please contact the Fiscal Division at [email protected] to request a cost estimate and include your eligibility status. Click here to fill out District Election Cost Estimate Request Form. (REQUIRED)


When submitting a resolution to call an election for board members or measures, please email [email protected]. If withdrawing a contest from a ballot, an amended resolution must be submitted to the ROV prior to end of deadline.
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​Special Election Dates​ (Vote Center Voting)

​​​Mail Ballot Dates (Mail Ballot Only)



​Statewide (Presidential) Election Dates​ (Vote Center Voting)

​​​Mail Ballot Dates (Mail Ballot Only)

Established Election Date


In accordance with Elections Code 1000 the established dates are as follows:

(a) The first Tuesday after the first Monday in March of each year.
(b) The second Tuesday of April in each even-numbered year. 
(c) The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each year.

In accordance with Elections Code 1001 the statewide established election dates are as follows:

(a) An election held in November of an even-numbered year.
(b) An election held in March of an even-numbered year. 

​In accordance with Elections Code 1405, the default for a countywide initiative is the next statewide election (primary or general). (The Board of Supervisors can call a special election on an established election date as well):

  • The number of valid petition signatures needed to qualify a countywide initiative is 10% of the total votes cast in the county for Governor in the most recent gubernatorial election, as set forth in California Elections Code Section 9118
  • Number of votes cast in the November 8, 2022 General Election for Governor was 541,895.
  • Required valid signatures needed to qualify countywide initiative is 54,190 (10% of number of votes cast for Governor).

​Please contact the Candidate Services Division at (408) 299-8639 for further information related to submitting a petition for countywide initiatives. Please also refer to the County initiative guide on the Recalls, Measures and Initiatives webpage as an additional resource.

In accordance with Elections Code 1500 the mail ballot established election dates are as follows​:

(a) The first Tuesday after the first Monday in May of each year.
(b) The last Tuesday in August of each year.

Elections Code - ELEC

​Election Dates FAQs

    A regular election is an election that is held routinely, according to a set schedule in law. These must occur according to a regular schedule to elect public officials whose office terms are set to expire. 

    A special election is an election that is not held regularly and is not set by law. These are usually for the creation of a tax or bond, or for filling a vacant seat on a school board or city council, for example. 

    In Santa Clara County, there are two elections that occur regularly. The state primary and general elections held in even-numbered years (2022, 2024, 2026 and so on).
    Regularly Scheduled Elections in Santa Clara County 
    •    Presidential primary: First Tuesday after the first Monday in March of each even-numbered year evenly divisible by four 
    •    State primary: First Tuesday after the first Monday in June of each even-numbered year not evenly divisible by four. These are the primary elections when California elects a Governor and other state officers.
    •    General: First Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each even-numbered year, when the nation is electing a President (2024, 2028, etc.) or California is electing a Governor (2022, 2026, etc.).

    To see a list of local districts and cities the Registrar of Voters provides election services, please visit the Candidates and Measures page and select the link, Local Jurisdiction Election Schedule. For each scheduled election held, the local jurisdiction will have a different number of elective seats available on their governing board.  To see a list of elected representatives and when their office is scheduled to appear on the ballot, select List of Officeholders.

    The Santa Clara County no longer has a regularly scheduled election in November of odd-numbered years.  We used to, yes.  The last regularly scheduled odd-year election was 2017.

    Why? The cities, schools and special districts within the County have moved their election to occur in even-numbered years. State law passed in 2015 allowed local jurisdictions to move their election to even-numbered years to increase voter participation. Even-numbered year elections historically draw a higher turnout than odd-numbered year elections as California is electing its Governor or the nation is electing a President. 

    While California’s election law still lists an election date for odd-numbered years (see next question), in Santa Clara County, this date exists to allow for special elections to be held. 

    California’s election law has multiple dates each year when elections can be held. The law also determines if there must be voting locations set up for people to vote in person or if the election can be conducted by mail.  

    Listed below are the dates when a regular or special election can be held in California. Elections on any of these dates will offer multiple in person voting locations in addition to voting by mail.  

    1. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in March in even-numbered years evenly divisible by four (presidential election years)
    2. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in March of odd-numbered years
    3. The second Tuesday of April in even-numbered years
    4. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in June in even-numbered years not evenly divisible by four (years a Governor is elected)
    5. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each year

    In an election conducted by mail, the elections official is not required to establish in-person voting locations, but instead sends every registered voter a ballot in the mail. California election law has specific dates for when these types of elections can occur:

    1. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in May of each year
    2. The last Tuesday in August of each year

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