Our role is to provide the public with voter registration opportunities and information about voting in Santa Clara County and promote our vote by mail and in person voting programs. We also share election updates, educate the public about civic resources, and solicit input and/or participation in election administration and voter outreach plans under the Voter’s Choice Act.

For 2021 our Outreach goal is to increase community involvement beyond traditional in-person events and online presentations. We are developing new civic minded programs to share knowledge with our current and future voters, local educators, community leaders and organizations, and all who are interested in advocating the democratic process and inspired to engage their communities to vote every time there is an election.

We are also developing and promoting a local Voters Rights Act to foster civic engagement and voter participation in Santa Clara County. To learn more about the program and current outreach topics, click on Local Voters Rights Act.

Check out Events Calendar to find out where our Outreach Team is in the community. If you wish to partner with us or have space for us at your fair or festival, please contact us at [email protected].


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