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The Registrar of Voters compiles precinct and district maps for all political subdivisions within Santa Clara County. Current precinct and district maps were drawn based on 2020 Census data. Most of these state legislative district maps became effective December 27, 2021. These maps are compiled from various sources, such as state and local redistricting authorities. While every effort is made to ensure their accuracy, these maps are subject to change.

Individual precinct maps are available for the public to download in PDF format for free using the link below. Precincts can be searched by precinct number or using any residence address within the precinct. You can also view a list of all precincts within a specific district, such as a Congressional District, County Supervisorial District, school district, or city.

Custom precinct and district maps can also be ordered from the Registrar of Voters in either printed or electronic format.

Here are the instructions to order a large format Precinct Map:

  • Review the Fee Schedule to understand the map fees that fits your budget
  • Complete the Precinct Map Order Form. Make sure to provide Name, Mailing Address, Contact/Phone Number and Email.
  • Sample for the Map Description:
    • Description: “Wall map of City of San Jose City Council District #, with precincts and detailed streets”
    • Sizes: 34”x44”, 40”x60”, or 60”x72”
    • Type: PDF for electronic map or Hard Copy
    • Number of Copies

For more information, contact:

Bob Nguyen
Phone: (408) 282-3037
Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Precinct Map Download

Download Precinct Maps 


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