I Have Changed My Name

PLEASE NOTE: Changing your legal name on your California driver’s license or identification with the DMV may not automatically update your voter registration.  

Click here to check your voter registration status. 

If you are already registered to vote and you have legally changed your name by court action or marriage, you should complete a new Voter Registration Card under your new name.  

To update your voter information with your new legal name, simply fill out a new Voter Registration Form. Most importantly: 

  • In Section 2, please provide your full legal name. We suggest you provide the same format of name you used to update your other legal documents, such as driver’s license or State ID.  

  • Next, you should complete Section 6, under “Registration History,” providing your former name and address under which you were registered to vote. We can then locate and confirm your prior registration to change your information as requested. Each person can only be registered to vote once.  

View the Registrar of Voters’ Voter Registration Forms page to view the latest guide on Completing and Returning Voter Registration Forms to learn more.

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